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With a track record of successfully handling responsibilities and achieving positive outcomes, we gathered to seize a vital position in the Industry by contributing to economic stability and growth. Our reputation, built on a foundation of integrity, professionalism, and outstanding achievements, help us to maintain and expand professional networks, while taking on diverse challenges in the journey.

We conduct research and analysis on financial markets, economic trends and investment opportunities, providing valuable insights to our clients, motivated by a touch of diligence, honesty, empathy, and fondness for civil equity; endeavour to cure the misery of individuals who endured massive interests on their loans. We provide guidance on investment strategies, retirement planning, and other financial matters.  We don't spare every effort to accomplish an impartial and vibrant society where the people treated irrespectively of their capital.

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Managing Director & Founder

I have a dream. I know, money can't buy everything for you. But money can always assist you to lead a tension free life.
I have a dream. To bring prosperity into the life of everyone who believes in themselves and are looking for an opportunity to flourish in life.
I believe, everyone in this world is special with enormous abilities.
I have a dream. To create a platform wherein you may utilize all those capabilities for the wellness of you and your dear ones.
In this world where leading a dignified life is very crucial.
I have a dream. To create respect for you in the eyes of your family and the society you belong.
Dreams become reality when seen with open eyes.
I have a dream. To create a community of successful individuals.
Compassionate, Dedicated, Responsible And Best of its kind.
I rather, WE at UniBharath Corp have a dream. To up bring an organization nourished with virtuous systems, sensible and hard-working staff, and coalescing valuable customers.
Unified to be Unique..

A vibrant persona with a powerful mindset and a visionary worthy of following in all aspects of life, there were always challenges to be faced, belonging to the working class. Being in various industries like banking, insurance and finance, there was a sort of stigma running around. But.. Playing vital roles in different organizations along with enthusiastic team members and dealing with many valuable customers had given me the strength to prove myself. Women today, I assume, are reluctant to take a professional career to its highest level. It's just time management what helped me to take care of my family and at the same time pursue an exigent career.
We, here at UniBharath, ensure empowering our women staff with adequate training's and growth opportunities. We have Exemplary customer service protocols by which we will be able to serve them better.

Dini Thomas | SBU Director Corporate Operations & Customer Compliance

India being growing as a super economic country, the majority of its population is considered to be lower middle class. This is the group of people who always contribute to the banking industry. Working throughout all these years in the field of loans and advances from a very grass root level, I had always got opportunity to interact with beautiful people who work hard to meet their daily needs. It helped me to serve the customers with an empathetical approach.
We here at UniBharath, takes a moral responsibility to assemble wealth and wellness to our customers at the same time... Together let's build a prosperous world.
Unified To be Unique..

Rajesh Nair | SBU Director Loans and Advances

Global real GDP is forecast to grow by 2.6% * (approx.) in 2023 & the Indian economy is anticipated to grow by 6.4% * (approx.) in FY 2023. The COVID epidemic had really taught us how uncertain our life status are whether in terms of professional and personal well being. For any company forward we need to build up systematic and at the same time full proof inventive measures as far as finance and accounting is concerned. As a back bone of any company we constantly believe in ethical accounting & to provide value addition to our customers hard earned money through traditional proven ways.
We at Unibharath ensure through transparent innovations, to engage our core accounting system in proper ways to grow together.


SHABU DIVAKARAN | SBU Director Projects, Finance & Audit

"Its not about getting opportunities.. Its always about using the opportunities in the right way"
Sales and Marketing, being the spine of any organisation, I am privileged to work with different renowned financial institutions across India and understand their culture and strategies.
Employees today have a taboo on sales and they prefer any operational job over it .It's not at all a myth today that a large percentage of successful people have always chosen sales as their main stream.
I always believe that sales is not only an art but a science by its own which can be mastered through proper training and regular practice.
We at UniBharath, always promote ethical sales pattern through which we ensure proper customer guidance and long term valuable customer retention.

JAYADEVAN KRISHNA | SBU Director Sales, Marketing & Revenue Creation