We also provide a wide range of services to address social, environmental, educational, or cultural issues. Our services are typically driven by a commitment to social good and community well-being.

A Non Profit Organization that partners with businesses to help grow in business. We bring ideas and solutions to Micro- Entrepreneurs’, Rural Entrepreneurs’ and Small scale industries.

Looking for a help to grow in business?

Internships | Workshops I Placements


Mind Blow is a career ad- on that compliment your primary qualifications and enhances your employability to your passionate career. Identifying and addressing the gaps in your professional growth will help you upgrade your future career. We add depth and versatility to your core expertise, making you a more well-rounded and capable candidate. Cross-functional experience & knowledge would bring outcomes of a professional champ in your area of expertise. Our trained talent advisor will throw light on your knowledge and career by bridging the gaps. We conduct workshops and seminars for prospective jobseekers to meet the challenges of the competitive world.

Break the Mold  

We train and mould the young minds to Step out of their comfort zone, help them meet challenges and pursue them unconventional paths to achieve personal or professional success. We get them fit to bash any interviews and prepare them to be professional in words and deeds.

We Invest in Transformational Tech

A forward-thinking approach towards innovation that can lead to significant advancements in various industries. Transformational tech refers to providing technological knowledge that has the potential to bring about substantial changes in how businesses operate, how people interact, and how society functions as a whole.

Sustainable Banking Practices

Delve into various aspects of how banks operate, manage risk, interact with customers, and adapt to regulatory changes. Provide Knowledge about the legal and regulatory framework governing banking operations.

Understanding the Fuel of an Organization

The "fuel" of an organization refers to the essential resources, elements, or factors that drive its operations, growth, and success. It encompasses the critical components that enable an organization to function, achieve its objectives, and remain competitive in its respective industry.